martes, abril 01, 2008


Yeha, ahí va un trozillo de la entrevista del ultimo chabal ke destaca del crew de los Blueprint, para verla entera, arreglaroslas e id a la web de blueprint:
Ben, is this officially your first interview?

Yeah man, will do my best.

Are you shitting yourself, I’ll try to make you look like a right tit?

Haha, nah ‘cause I know deep down that you are more of a tit than I’ll ever be.

Ok then, Let’s start with the basics full name, age, years skating, sponsors etc

My names Ben Nordberg, I’m 18, been skating for about 6 and half years and my sponsors are Vans shoes, Blueprint Skateboards, WeSC, Nueu eyewear and Detour skatestore.

You’ve been around for a while, how come you’ve only really started getting a load of coverage recently?

I made a sponsor me tape kind of thing to send out to some people, my mate sent it to you and you emailed me saying that he wanted to start sending me some Vans, I was stoked and then from there went on some trips, got my First Light out and then its all gone from there, it's been a hectic year but a sick one!

But I had a sponsor me tape from you back in my O.G. days and didn’t you ride for Bomber and I-path for a bit or something?

Yeah I was on Unabomber and I-Path few years back but then that all fell through because they sold out or something like that and then went without any sponsors until recently till got hooked up on Vans and then almost on Stereo and now on Blueprint so now everything’s going really well.

So, do you care to spill the beans on the latest switch to Blueprint, you were destined to Stereo and had a trip planned to LA right?

Yeah I recently went to Mallorca with them and had a sick time and got on with everyone really well, Stereo weren't really doing that much for me even though I'm very grateful that they helped me out. I just think it was time to try something different out and I'm stoked with the situation now. Jesus it's a long story but it all started about Christmas time I think when I heard that Blueprint wanted me to ride for them which was sick. Then Wes from Out of Step phoned up Stereo and said that I might be going to ride for Blueprint, so Stereo said that they would get me out to the States etc, so I thought I'd stick it out and see if it actually came through. Then about 3 months later nothing had happened, then Magee asked me to come to Mallorca with them, so I went had a sick time and got loads done. After that I started to think it would be the best the decision to skate for them because they have got a solid team and get a chance to film a video part.

Did your Mallorca trip seal it?

Yeah, pretty much, it was a sick trip and got on really well with everyone who was there and it was really different to what I thought it would be like. It was really chilled out and skated some amazing spots. Was a sick trip!

Ah por cierto, el chabalillo se llama Den Nordberg

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