lunes, diciembre 15, 2008

Esto con Franco no pasaba...

Se supone que estamos en crisis y todos nos preguntamos como la crisis afectara nuestra practica favorita, despues de comer, beber, dormir, follar y ver padre de familia despues de los simpsons.

Aqui tenemos un principio de respuesta. Taken from TheBerrics

Hey Steve Berra, You have been involved in the industry for a while now, so you seem like the right person to ask for this question my friend and I had. Everyone complains that economic variables are making their businesses die. How is the skateboarding industry affected similarly or differently than other industries? I wondered if you guys notice that a majority of consumers stopped buying skate shit or if there were enough core guys to keep the skies blue for the beloved scene.
Please share some of your insight with us Mr. Berra Thanks,
Thomas Dijkstra

"Great question, Thomas, and I hope the people who do read emails of the week actually read this as it's a very pressing issue in the industry currently. I'll give you the best answer I can based on a thinking mind and the data I have. Unfortunately the companies are already suffering, but in a completely different way than they did in the late 80s to mid 90s where we saw skateboarding practically cease to exist from what I believe to be two reasons. 1) it was considered a fad that would pass soon enough like Pee Wee Herman or the Rubik's Cube. 2) Many kids at the time had parents who did not have any history or connection with or to skateboarding and as a result probably didn't encourage their children to continue skating or even notice when they quit. Also, take into consideration that the people in mass media had no connection with it either. It simply didn't exist in their childhoods. The newspaper journalists that wrote for local papers like mine, The Omaha World Herald, knew nothing of skateboard culture so when they were making their "What's Hot, What's Not" list, the summer after skateboarding was hot turned out to be on the "Not" list just 365 days later. Currently, we are in the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression. Interest in skateboarding has not waned, but the purchasing power of the individual due to the fact that our dollar is literally being destroyed by the Fed and the bailouts of U.S. corporations, has been cut severely. Prior to what we're experiencing now with the current TET (tough economic time), the board companies, which have been the foundation of the skateboard professional, were already suffering greatly due to blank boards and shop boards. Some board companies had already downsized over the past 5 years in upwards to 35% or more, if not go out of business altogether, due to the fact that the market was saturated with these blank boards and shop boards so coupled with the fact that now we are in such a tough spot, these companies that may have been able to pull through with enough reserves to keep their companies going may, indeed, go out of business. I understand why a kid buys a blank board, believe me, I was that kid on the opposite side of the baker's window. I know what it's like to want to skate and not be able to, so in this response I cannot provide an answer just yet. I can only encourage skaters to support the professionals and their brands that they like. The Berrics was started for this very reason, to support and give exposure to skateboard companies and skateboard professionals. You will never see Berrics boards, wheels, trucks, bearings, bolts, denim etc. because we are not interested in becoming a brand, we are interested in supporting brands and providing them with an outlet so that skaters may become interested in them, because, quite frankly, I would find it very boring if brands ceased to exist. In a nutshell, or maybe less, yes, we are definitely suffering, the entire country and the world is, and if we want to keep skateboarding around, we have to become more educated about this global economic crisis and how it was created because education is the only way we're going to see our way out of it and prevent it from happening again. We are skateboarders, we are many in number, and quite honestly, I think we can do something about it. More to come... -- sb"

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