martes, enero 02, 2007


Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce to you Mr.Alex Sanchez! Lead singer and bassist of No Big Deal and director of many videos such as the bullshit boys or "When We First Met"(part 1/part2).Well, there goes his lil' top5 he sent me a long time ago.
best band - It´s obvious...NO BIG DEAL !!! ...just kiddin'
best mc - Don´t know much about Mc's
best movie - FOREST GUMP....He´s my hero
best book - This one´s hard but I would say .... Playboy´s Special Edition
best food - KFC or some good fat buritos !
best cocktail - Licor 43 con Coca cola
best party - Juan´s party (january 2006)
best shoes - shoes ???? I rather bare-feet
best farts - Peter Griffin´s
best boobs - Mine
best insulto - Sac à merde....Bag of shit !
lamest band/singer - ....
things to do this year - Get SOME CHICKS !!!